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Find your Primetime with Ultradian rhythm tracker

Log your energy levels each hour of the day to generate future energy maps and determine when your prime energy times during each day are.

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Log your productivity levels and and map your internal rhythms

Rate your energy, focus, and motivation levels each hour of the day. As you begin to build up more data, Ultradian gets smarter and produces more accurate rhythm maps.


Never miss a log! Your history all in one place

Forgot to log an hour or just didn't have the time? Your history section allows you to edit and review all rating throughout the day for every day you've ever tracked.

ultradian demo
ultradian demo

Understand your productivity with trends!

As you track your productivity each day and build up data, you'll be able to add reports to your Trends and see how your productivity varies by day, month, weather, and more!


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Be among 400+ power users!

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